Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Of Orlando and Paris

Numerous innocent lives met with violent and pitiful ends this week.

And almost as predictable as a North Korean election, the liberal side of the Internet has struck preemptively - inundating us with usual gems like:

"One should not tar an entire religion with the acts of a few"

"Majority of [insert faith] do not condone these acts."

"Blaming the [insert faith] is intolerant and does not serve any useful purpose."

"Our prayers are with the departed."
 "Beware the anti Muslim rhetoric."

Let us ignore the fact that, according to witnesses, Larossi Abballa shouted "Allahu Akbar" as he plunged his knife repeatedly into Police commander Jean-Baptiste S.

Let us ignore the fact that Larossi Abballa pledged allegiance to the ISIS prior to killing the police commander and his partner.

Let us ignore the fact that Omar Mateen premeditated and carried out his shooting spree at a gay joint.

Let us further ignore Islam's teachings regarding homosexuality, lest any one be unreasonably tempted to draw an unfounded connection between these teachings and the murderous rampage.

No, no. Let us continue to insist that faith has absolutely no part to play in all these.  None of these acts of depravity were inspired by any Scripture whatsoever.  These acts were merely the random, arbitrary and uninspired acts of a few "lone wolves" and outliers of society and who, only by the virtue of chance and coincidence, happen to be adherents of a particular faith.

But of course. What other conclusion could possibly be drawn? Are you an intolerant racist and Islamophobe?


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